Bespoke research and strategic advice for sub-Saharan markets

Bespoke research and strategic advice for sub-Saharan markets


Our work helps our clients to address critical gaps in information and understanding. We leverage our in-market networks and our in-house sector expertise to generate unique insights and shape successful strategies for growth and impact.

Our work falls into three main areas: strategic advisory work; integrity and ESG due diligence; and policy and political monitoring. Through these services we help our clients succeed and grow, protect and enhance their reputations, and adapt to change.

In practice, much of our work is of a hybrid nature. Our approach reflects our agile structure, the diversity of our clients’ requirements and the distinctive networks and capabilities we have assembled. Our due diligence work is enhanced by our understanding of broader political economy dynamics, while our market assessments are distinguished by our ability to integrate hard-to-access market data with candid source insights that are beyond the reach of many traditional strategy consultancies.

We advise

Companies and investors
  • Multinational companies
  • African businesses
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Private equity and venture capital
  • Law firms
Public and development sector
  • Development agencies
  • Multilateral organisations
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Impact investors
  • Research institutions

To address

Strategic advisory
  • Market assessment & investment strategy

    Informed advice on the development of market opportunities and management of risk, underpinned by targeted ground-level insight and data gathering in markets where reliable data is often scarce.

  • Sector/project risk assessment

    Evaluation of project or sector-level risks and emerging issues, integrating Sofala’s in-house sector expertise and ground-level insights.

  • Political economy analysis

    Delivery of actionable insights through systematic analysis of political dynamics, stakeholders, regulatory environment and macroeconomic trends, at regional, national and local scales.

  • Stakeholder strategy & issue advocacy

    Development of locally-relevant advocacy strategies and implementation support, based on analysis and mapping of key stakeholder groups in government, regulatory agencies, private sector, media, civil society and local communities.

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Integrity & ESG due diligence
  • Pre-transaction due diligence

    Detailed checks on entities and individuals to address compliance requirements and support robust, risk-adjusted investment decision making.

  • Operational integrity risk reviews

    Combining robust desktop review with ground-level assessments and in-depth interviews to assess whether required ESG and AML standards are being effectively implemented.

  • Integrity & ESG due diligence

    Undertaking detailed checks on entities and individuals to evaluate their track record, integrity and bona fides, integrating traditional KYC checks with evaluation of broader environmental, social and governance (ESG) related issues.

  • Deal advisory

    Enriching traditional pre-transaction due diligence by evaluating investees and investor value propositions in the broader political economy context of the sector and socio-political landscape.

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Policy & political monitoring
  • Multi-country reporting

    Leveraging our pan-African network to monitor key policy and political developments and trends across the continent.

  • Sector-focused reporting

    Assembling multi-member teams to track and assess sector or thematic developments in a single country or region.

  • Curated media monitoring

    Focused monitoring of thematic and sectoral developments across traditional media sources and social media.

  • Risk & scenario analysis

    Comprehensive analysis of an operating environment and its critical uncertainties, mapping the various ways events may unfold in order to pre-empt critical challenges.

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